5 Tips for choosing the right music for your event

Atmosphere is everything for a memorable event

Fact: ‘Research shows that the psychological functions of listening to music include, among other things, mood regulation’.

When planning your event, whether it be a ballroom wedding, private party or corporate soiree, music should be at the forefront, knowing that it can define the style of the occasion. Make sure your choices are in tune with the event, reflecting the vibe and creating the desired ambience. 

Music, – whether it be a formal band or simply a well thought out playlist playing softly in the background – can create a sensory experience, often not easily forgotten. Background music is welcoming, giving way to moments of mingling and quiet conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. It can fill the silence as well as fill a room. Music activates your memory and can attach itself to new memories, so it is essential that your music choices suit your event. Consider the following things when choosing music for your event;


  1. Research and consider your audience.
    Brides and grooms often seek a romantic mood to set the scene for their wedding occasion, so the tone and pitch of music are extremely important. Consider a soft vocalist, harpist or pianist for a romantic arrival at the ceremony before transitioning to a DJ or band later in the night at the reception to help keep the party going all night long. On the other hand, corporate events tend to be speech heavy, so the music is the perfect way to transition between topics subtly, a cocktail party can shine with a live band playing away in a corner, allowing guests to watch and chat amongst themselves.

  2. Sounds of the venue.
    Your venue of choice will suit a musical offering and be sure to check what works best in the space. Pick music that resonates with your location, matches your decor and is in tune with your vision of the event. Do you choose a band or a DJ? Think about the event space, where do you see your guests gathering? How would the group set up affect your seating, eating, bar arrangement?

    3. Consider the flow
    Create a floorplan for your event and consider how the room will flow with entertainment, for example; a band set up next to a bar will create hearing issues when ordering as no one will be able to hear. DJ’s take up less space and can create an instant vibe of cool, calm and playful whereas bands of any sort need space, elevation and lighting. Think about what moods you want to evoke with music throughout the night, an essential factor when you are at the planning stage of your event.



  1. Dance, dance, dance
    For a ballroom reception, dancing is a must! Your first dance should be one for all to remember. It is a dance that symbolises your love for another, your unity as a couple and is an expression of your commitment to one another. Performed by the guests of honour, this first dance can be choreographed, improvised or joined in with by the bridal party and often acts as the unofficial opening of the dancefloor. Personality is the general dictator of the first dance; it may be slow and romantic, modern and funny, traditional and classic – whichever style you choose, work with your venue to ensure the space you need to entertain your dancing guests.
  2. Who’s Speaking?
    Do you need an MC for the night? Someone who will orchestrate the event and keep it flowing seamlessly. You want the master of ceremonies to be a person respected by your guests, to be familiar and trusted, and of course able to hold on to people’s attention — a capable speaker that is confident and can talk to anyone and everyone at the event. Depending on the style of your event, your MC requirements will vary, but personality, delivery style, use of language and facilitation skills are vital objectives to look for.

At Mural Hall we always love working with Melbourne based Rutherford Entertainment for a broad range of timeless entertainment options and we turn to Harry the Hirer for all our AV needs because the best events deserve the best set-up. Ensure your event has memorable entertainment and consider the above when organising the music for your event



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