Grand Ballroom


The Grand Ballroom is an everlasting experience

A secret place known by a select few, The Grand Ballroom is one of Melbourne’s oldest treasures and finest examples of art deco architecture. Standing tall within the top level of the iconic Myer building, The Grand Ballroom is ideal for those who want to offer a memorable experience.

Designed by Sidney Myer for fashion parades and exclusive events, The Grand Ballroom is an exquisite, European style venue showcasing eight unique and original murals by noted Australian artist, Napier Waller. These remarkable artworks have been honoured with a National Trust Classification.

Brimming with historic and cultural significance, the magnificence of The Grand Ballroom offers a sophisticated backdrop to your unique event vision. While every event is different, all are enhanced by the magic that is Myer Mural Hall.

Our talented stylists at The Big Group Creative can ensure the character of The Grand Ballroom works to best suit your unique event; be it a lavish party, formal dinner, frivolous high tea, extravagant wedding or cultural celebration of epic proportions – the possibilities are endless.

Banquets with dance floors or banquets without, exclusive theatre shows, cocktail parties or cabaret; The Grand Ballroom can cater for up to 650 guests, depending on your needs, with The Arrival Foyer an attractive choice for smaller events.

For all its history, The Grand Ballroom can also be transformed to a chic space with its soaring ceilings and sweeping staircase – a popular choice for a statement wedding entry. 

Ensure an everlasting experience and indulge in the magic that is The Grand Ballroom; originally designed as an exclusive event space for Melbourne’s higher society – and now, for the first time in history, it’s your turn.

Max Pax

Banquet: 500
Banquet with dance floor: 450
Cocktail: 650

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