Have a ball choosing your corporate event theme

Oh how we love a fabulously themed party, and even better if it’s a corporate event!

While we understand it’s strictly business (most of the time), we love when corporates loosen their ties and provide an epic experience for all to enjoy.

How do you pick a memorable, fun and appropriate corporate event theme? Becoming clear on the following specifics can help decide which theme best suits the purpose of your event.  

  • Know your priorities

Understanding what your priorities are in throwing a corporate event will help you decide what you would like to allocate your budget towards, for example the location, entertainment, food, or all of the above. Do you want to entertain clients with an impressive experience or foster a fun environment for team building? Show-stopper entertainment on stage may be an impressive affair yet not align with your intention of having guests mingle with one another. Getting clear on your intention for the event may have a big impact on the party theme; or at least, it can discern whether the live jazz music or roaming performers are necessary (we suspect they absolutely are). 

  • Who’s coming?

Consider your audience when choosing a corporate event theme because while the sales team are getting excited at the thought of sparkles and dress-up, others in the office may be getting creative with excuses of how-to opt out of the event. That’s not to say don’t sparkle, we’re strong supporters of all sorts of glam and glitter – just consider everyone who’s coming to your event and plan accordingly.
Ask who’s attending? What’s the age range? Is it clients or staff only, or partners (even family) as well? Are there people from different cultural backgrounds attending? Giving thought to this may assist you in making a choice that everyone can enjoy.

  • Choosing the right space

Deciding on the right venue can make or break your corporate event theme. Venues are very important because a space with ready-made furnishings, decor and ambience can set the tone for your corporate event theme. Professional and progressive businesses favour the sophisticated, historic and cultural ambience of the Grand Ballroom of Myer Mural Hall. The remarkable national treasure murals adorning the walls of the iconic ballroom are impressive and offer a grand ambience favoured by corporate clients; however our expert stylists can decorate the ballroom to reflect your heart’s desires, view our experiences online to see what’s possible. 

There are many themes that can work well for corporate events, and they all have the one key in common; being inclusive. Review the themes below and see what fits your event while keeping in mind your priorities, the space and guest list.

1. Winter Wonderland

Holiday and seasonal parties work well for corporate events because they are completely inclusive, and a whole lot of fun too! Seasonal themes make it clear what the dress code is, and showing up in their holiday best isn’t as difficult as finding that superhero costume. A winter wonderland theme lends itself to some fun decor in styling and catering! Think snow machines and snowflakes, hot toddies and mulled wine – snowmen and ear muffs. Add some coziness with blankets and fireplaces. A white colour palette and frosted lamps are simple ways to get that winter wonderland feel.

2. Carnival-Inspired Theme 

Here we go around the merry-go-round and around again – everyone loves a spring carnival, don’t they? Memories of childhood, fairy floss and rides galore; a carnival inspired corporate event is a great theme for partners and families given everyone can enjoy the fun. Roaming performers and face painting can be fun for all ages (honestly, try it).
What makes a carnival fun? The games! Games like a ring toss can be a winner, hire a flamethrower for that extra highlight or ensure memories will be captured with a photo booth. Hanging lights, fairy or bulbs are great ways to infuse the carnival theme. The colours? Always add more – lots of bright colours says FUN with a capital ‘F’. View a touch of carnival experience at our Ormond Collective Opening night. Come one come all to a carnival-themed corporate event, it’s sure to be fun and memorable occasion.

3. Magical Magician

ABRACADABRA, your corporate event is a memorable and amazing affair! Under no illusion is the fact that magic is a great theme for your corporate event. There’s something very exciting about a magic-themed night, imagine dark lighting, a magician on hand, tricks galore and awe-inspiring moments. Lead your guests to wonder – with the excited curiosity of a child – about the awesome experiences happening moment-to-moment.  View our ABRACADABRA event on the Myer Mural Hall Experiences, a mysterious night. Add dark drapes for a mysterious touch, or pick a colour pallet to add some fun. Of course you need a magician, after all – those who believe in magic will always find it. 

4. Once Upon a Time 

Far far away in a land where fairytales are a common occurrence and whimsical experiences are the norm; story tale corporate events are held and once professional adults return to their fun, wondrous and younger selves.  Events that create nostalgia are always exciting. Decor for a story-book themed event can be based off a favourite novel or genre, think Alice in Wonderland or Narnia. Style your event with many books and comfy couches, lamps and props from popular novels. The best thing about this theme? Dress up can be flexible and left to the imagination of your guests! Take your guests on a journey through much loved and known story tales – nothing like letting adults be kids again for an evening, or so the story goes… 

Whichever theme you choose, ensure it’s inclusive and everyone can get excited about the idea; although consider your essentials first – the budget, guest list and venue. From there, choose a workable theme and reach out to us for some ideas and guidance. 

Contact a Magic Maker today, we’re awaiting your call to put our creative touch on any idea you have with your priorities in mind, and that’s good for business. 


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