A gentleman never asks. A lady never tells. Yet Enchanting stories are worth sharing.

These are the everlasting tales of Myer Mural Hall. Forever timeless.

Historically reserved for the city’s elite, the exquisite events at Myer Mural Hall were often talk of the town and now, it’s your turn.

With its sophisticated canvas ready to be transformed into any event you desire, our magic makers have seen grand awards nights, fancy high teas, extravagant weddings, formal dinners and more – all with stories that are told, and retold long after the event has passed.

The Grand Ballroom and The Arrival Foyer often spark excited chatter from new guests who are immediately awed by the significance and magic that is Myer Mural Hall.  Each space can be hired separately or together, with The Arrival Foyer providing a delectable entree to the impressive Grand Ballroom, or can be enjoyed unto its own.

Experience a timeless elegance attending an event at Myer Mural Hall, although don’t take our word for it – view our Experiences to see what the fuss is all about, or contact one of
our magic makers to start crafting your
unique event.

No idea is too lavish for our creative styling team at The Big Group Creative, and our bespoke event hire ranges at The Design Depot have every prop on hand to ensure a perfect event.

Get the secrets, styling tips and tricks to pulling off incredible events with our Latest News.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it, and an event enjoying the sophisticated and timeless elegance of Myer Mural Hall will do all the talking – and some. 

Latest News

Discover the secrets and behind-the-scenes news of Myer Mural Hall- spilt tea and styling tips, everything is shared in our Latest News.


If walls could talk, you may not believe what they say about celebrations at Myer Mural Hall – so it’s best to view our previous Experiences.

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