The many styles of a Ballroom Wedding

Ballroom weddings continue to be a popular option for modern couples.

Nothing says elegance like a ballroom wedding, and few say it as gracefully as the Grand Ballroom at Myer Mural Hall – a venue that is no stranger to celebrating everlasting love.

Contrary to popular belief, ballroom weddings don’t require a lengthy guest list of 500+ guests and don’t always need antiquated styling. Grand affairs set in a lavish room with hundreds of twirling guests may be what we see in the movies, but it’s not actually anything close to what a ballroom wedding has to be. Creating beautiful, luxurious and intimate celebrations within a large setting is always possible, and that’s why ballroom weddings are making a comeback with modern couples – regardless of the size of their guestlist.

The ‘Magic Makers’ at Myer Mural Hall know better than anyone that there are no restrictions on size, and no rules on style when it comes to designing a magical wedding in a ballroom setting. Elegance, grace and individuality can be created for any occasion, yet a ballroom setting adds another, more eloquent layer. All you need to know is how to do it right, and then everything you ever dreamed of for your special day will become a reality.

So what is the secret to making a ballroom setting for a wedding work?

The key is in the details – expert styling can transform any space or blank canvas to suit your vision. The talented team of stylists from The Big Group Creative can design all kinds of weddings, from the lavish and glamorous to the minimalist and modern, and bring them all to life within a ballroom.

Before we share the nitty gritty of styling and all the little secret details that will transform the space, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to know. These apply to all ballroom settings, and once you learn about them, they may influence your overall wedding style.

  1. Use the space, from ground to grande

How do you create a romantic ambience within a ballroom considering the sky high ceilings? It’s a tall order, and often the decorative ceilings displayed in most ballrooms give an elegant and expansive feel to the space. However, should they not suit your taste, consider hanging drapes, foliage installations or ceiling decor that is skillfully positioned. When paired with the right lighting design, these styling additions can instantly create a more intimate and magical atmosphere, as well as being visually stunning and memorable for your guests.  

  1. How to make the fairy-tale flow

When dividing a large room, ensure each space serves a purpose; think a lounge or cocktail area, photo booth, dance floors, food stations and so on. Each space should be carefully thought through in order to create your ideal aesthetic and mood. Getting this right is essential, as it will ensure guests are able to easily explore the spaces and can therefore experience every aspect of the beautiful event you’ve created.

  1. Prestigious Palette

Historic ballrooms that have maintained their original features tend to have a very distinct colour palette and design style. These may have been ‘trendy’ back in the day – but are possibly not so ideal in the current era. The Grand Ballroom of Myer Mural Hall is home to impressive national treasure artworks and beautiful details. Adorning the walls, historic paintings are often a drawcard and statement pieces for most who visit, making the space unique and memorable. The sophisticated and cultural space also offers a grand gold, white and brown palette that suits most wedding styles; whether you’re more modern, or vintage luxe, Myer Mural Hall is the perfect space to create the party of your dreams. When it comes to ballroom weddings, make sure you use the venues charming elements in your overall look; whether it’s grand artworks, decorative architraves, grandiose windows or natural charm. However, if the colour palette and decor isn’t quite your style, consider using the magical drapes once again. to soften and transform the space. Versatile and colourful, drapes can be a beautiful way to add a unique and modern twist to the historic ballroom space, creating a warmer and more intimate setting.

So you may be thinking that ballrooms are only for fairytale weddings with princess dresses and grand floral, however this is completely untrue. You can style and decorate a ballroom however you’d like, individualising it by focusing on the little details to create the space of your dreams.

The Glamorous Ballroom Wedding

 High ceilings, luxurious styling, crystal chandeliers, intricate architecture – most ballrooms are just waiting to host the next glamorous wedding, and Myer Mural Hall is no exception. The remarkable artworks on the walls take sophistication to the next level and oh my – does it work! Expert stylists know how to add sparkle to any decor, and often a dramatic black and gold colour palette says sophisticated glamour, while metallics create a statement by adding a little more shimmer and glitz. Essentially rich colours, contrasting lighting and luxurious tableware, will absolutely do the trick. However, matching these details with the table centrepieces is crucial. Tall floral centrepieces are an elegant touch to any table as they are striking and visually effective, while highlighting the grand ceiling height. Low centrepieces can be equally as effective, bringing the focus down to the table, highlighting the beautiful details within the candles and tableware. Whether you prefer tall or short, both centrepieces are best paired with sparkle. Whether it’s everywhere, or strategically placed in the tableware, reflective surfaces or accessories, these elements will catch the light and glimmer throughout the room. It’s these small glamorous touches that work well within a ballroom setting.


The Modern Ballroom Wedding

 Modern ballroom weddings tend to opt for a natural colour palette with minimal decor that allows for a

focus to be kept on the most important aspect of the wedding – the bride and groom. Essentially the theme is about keeping the ballroom. Indulge in the character, furnishings and charm of a historic building, which often comes with an other-worldy era. Keep centrepieces simple, opt for casual place settings and sterling silver utensils. There’s an element of new-age sophistication to modern ballroom weddings, often allowing the venue’s unique character to come to light and be enhanced by crisp, white tablecloths and simple florals with fresh greenery. This minimalist style and understated elegance is a great choice for the modern bride, keeping it simple and clean, while highlighting the charm and sophistication of the beautiful space.


The Classic Ballroom Wedding

Classic ballroom weddings tend to take on all the traditional furnishings, entertainment and proceedings. Think Victorian-era tapestry with all the frills; a lavish classic ballroom wedding may even become periodical, with a masquerade inspired dance-floor. Typically, all seating will be on the perimeter of the ballroom featuring linen table settings and a sit down banquet. Given Myer Mural Hall is rich in history when it comes to both culture and fashion, it’s the ideal setting for the classic ballroom wedding. It’s forever timeless, creating an everlasting experience long after your special day has been and gone.


The Fairytale Ballroom Wedding

Fit for a princess and her everlasting love story, indulge in the magical tendencies of a fairytale ballroom wedding. Indulge in pink pastels, hundreds of twinkling lights and plenty of florals. Make a statement with a royal entrance into the reception, using the wide staircases or a dramatic entry with lighting and music. Classic silverware nicely compliments this colour scheme, keeping a traditional touch to the romantic decor. Crystal chandeliers and wispy greenery with tall centerpieces will add a romantic and magical touch to your wedding, but don’t forget the candles – the most enchanting element of the design.

All in all, the ballroom wedding is a rising trend and why shouldn’t it be! With so many styling options and opportunities to make the space uniquely yours, our ‘Magic Makers’ will happily transform the grand into the personal for your special day. With your own personalised ballroom style, we will create the perfect wedding that no one will ever forget!

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