Your wedding gift guide: registry or wishing well?

Wedding gift giving made easy with our go-to guide

Choosing a wedding gift is often a challenge. There are so many things to take into consideration; the bride, the groom, their living situation, what they want as opposed to what they need, their age, their life plans, the list goes on! So a little help and inspiration for thoughtful gifting is something we can all learn.

A registry is a perfect gift solution for a couple who know what they need and want. Most often the registry list is curated by a younger couple whose home is still growing. Online registries are popular due to their accessibility to all. They are thoughtfully compiled by the couple, having gifts in a variety of price points, and save your guest the hassle of leaving their own home to purchase, a perfect solution for the couple that wants to take the guesswork out of their gifts.

To help you choose the best, most perfect gift – bring the couple to mind, remembering their lifestyles, love and interests. Your contribution should bring joy to their everyday lives, such simple things like kitchen items if they love to cook, luxurious bed sheets for the renovating couple or a custom monogrammed item that will remind them of their big day. Simple, useful and personal.

Top Five traditional wedding gifts

  1. Money – Let’s be honest; money is one of the most appreciated wedding gifts. Giving money is a tradition in many cultures, and how much is up to you. If you feel uncomfortable handing over cash, wrap in a gorgeous box and gift away.
  2. Heirloom piece – Start a tradition by handing down something that can be treasured for generations to come. 
  3. Crystal – A very traditional wedding gift that can be used every day or for special occasions, be it glassware, vases or decorative items.
  4. Small Appliances are an easy go-to. Especially for the younger couple who are building their lives together. Keep the design and colour classic (and the receipt in the box!)
  5. Registry dream gift – Couples often place a few inspirational ‘dream gifts’ on their registry. Pool your money with other guests and buy big! Is there anything better than gifting a couple what they want but didn’t expect?

The wishing well is a popular choice for many couples, especially those who already live together or have been married before. Although they can be a divisive method of gifting, be sure to be clear and communicate to your guests what you intend to use the money for and that there is no right or wrong amount to place in the wishing well. Setting up a table for gifts or a well, or even both, should be done in a quiet corner of your venue, away from the ceremony but within the reception space. Some guests may come prepared with gift envelopes, but it’s always an idea to stock blank envelopes and pens on the table just in case you get some last-minute cash deposits and gifting!

After your event, it’s essential to show your guests how the wishing well money was spent. Maybe you went on a beautiful honeymoon, if so send them a thank you note stating this, or if you received money to booster your home deposit? Invite them to your housewarming as a gesture of thanks and appreciation.

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